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Architectural Sketching, back to the basics

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While computers seem to be taking over the design industries, Architects still need to communicate their designs through the use of graphics and what better way then to step back to our roots and get back to sketching. There are alot of different formats, mediums, and techniques that are up for consideration when discussing sketching. I personally have a few dozen pens and pencils I prefer along with a particular sketch book.

Architectural Sketching into 2023

I myself have been caught up in the entrapments of the computer this last year and I am stepping into 2023 with the renewed focus of taking the time to get back to sketching and push myself to write or draw a few books that I have long desired to complete.

Benefits to Sketching

By honing your sketching abilities you are able to communicate ideas to colleagues, clients or contractors on the spot without having to run back to the office and spend hours in the computer. With just a pencil or pen and a scrap piece of paper you can discuss, review or communicate ideas and thoughts. I have even seen architects on jobsites grab old boxes to sketch out construction details on the spot to aid in further explaining their design intent.

Anyone Can Sketch

This is true. “Anyone Can Sketch!” Whether you need to sketch your childhood stick figures or create a full set of construction drawings by hand

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