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With the start of 2023 many designers are anticipating attending exhibitions and trade shows to reconnect with vendor and see the new lighting products that are being developed by the manufactures. These exhibitions and trade shows are some of the most anticipated events in the lighting industry for lighting designers, lighting manufacturers, and other professionals in the industry.

IES Vendor Showcase 2023 Armature Works Tampa, FL

Recent attendance at IES Vendor Showcase 2023

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to attended the IES Vendor Showcase 2023 in Tampa Florida at the Armature Works and the show did not disappoint. The show had over 90 vendors with diverse collections of products that allow you to see development, changes and innovations in the lighting industry. The show also assists lighting designers and other professionals in the industry make connectors with the vendors for future collaboration on projects.

Lighting Exhibition Vendor – Barn Light
Lighting Exhibition Vendor – USAI
Lighting Exhibition Vendor – Eureka

Takeaways from the event

For me this was a great opportunity to reconnect with vendors that I have worked with in the past and make new connections as well. It also gave me the opportunity to be hands on with the actual lighting products which will help me to better select lighting product for future projects.

So next time you see an exhibition and trade show in your area I would highly recommend attending, These types of shows can help your perspective on products as well as inspire new design ideas that you can bring to your projects. It also fosters the connections and collaborations that are needed to make your projects successful.

So until next time, inspire, design and create!

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